Greenbia Dysphagia Solution
Greenbia Dysphagia Solution Greenbia Dysphagia Solution
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Viscosity enhancer to prevent dehydration and comfortable nutrition intake for the elderly that chock easily or dysphagia patients

  • - Excellent solubility and stability of viscosity
    Convenient for both patient and caregiver since it mixes quickly and food doesn’t get scattered.
  • - Maintains true flavor of food
    Tasteless, odorless, and colorless, it doesn’t affect the original taste of food
  • Apply on various foods
    Provides joy of eating since it can be applied to various kinds of liquid foods

Product Description

  • Greenbia Dysphagia Solution is a special medical food that prevents dehydration and allows comfortable nutrition intake for the elderly that chock easily or dysphagia patients. It is a viscosity enhancer that can be added to various foods and drinks and helps patients with swallowing and patients can taste the original flavor of food. It mixes quickly with almost all kinds of food and dissolves well so there are no lumps; it’s convenient for both patients and caregiver since it maintains stable viscosity. Also, it will add joy of eating and improve quality of life since it is a tasteless, odorless, and colorless product that will not influence the original flavor of food.It can be added to various kinds of liquid food including water, juice, or sports drink, green tea, miso soup etc.


  • The elderly that chocks easily and has difficulty swallowing / people with weak muscle, reduced salivation and tooth loss due to aging/ patients with dysphagia due to head injury, stroke, cerebrovascular injury, brain tumor etc. / patients struggling to swallow and chew due to diseases such as myasthenia, dysmyotonia etc. / patients who have difficulty chewing and swallowing due to neurological disease (Parkinson’s disease, neuromuscular disease, disseminated sclerosis, dementia)

Greenbia Dysphagia Solution
Nutritional Facts

Amount Per Serving(2.7g, 1 pkg.) / 50 Servings Per Container

Calories 11kcl Sugars 0g Saturated fat 0g Cholesterol 0mg (100%)
Carbohydrate 2.7g Protein 0g Trans fat 0g Sodium 60mg (4%)
Fiber 1g (3%) Fat 0g     Manganese 4mg (100%)

* < >indicates % recommended nutrient intake for Koreans(20-29 years old male)

Product feature and property

  • - Mix 2.7g(1 pkg.) of product in to 100~150ml of water.
  • - It can be added to liquid foods such as milk, soymilk, juice etc. as well as regular meals such as rice, soup etc.
  • - Viscosity may be changed by regulating the amount of product.