Greenbia Kids
Greenbia Kids Greenbia Kids
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Balanced nutritional supplement for pediatric patients

Balanced Nutrition for pediatric patients 1 to 13 years of age
  • - Complex balanced nutritional supplement for children
    It contains DHA and 13 kinks of vitamins and minerals, and can supply high-quality animal and vegetable proteins.
  • - Scientific nutrition design
    Designed systematically and scientifically to meetthe standard of CODEX infant and child food and Pediatric Clinical Nutrition Guidelines
  • Easy to drink
    It is a liquid product that can be drank immediately without any preparation process, and can be fed both orally and through a tube.

Product Description

  • Greenbia Kids is a balanced nutritional supplement for malnutrition pediatric patients with dysphagia, chewing difficulty, growth failure etc. It can also be used as a nutritional supplement for small children who are picky and children with small size meal.It is a customized nutritional supplement that can replace prescription infant formula or adult enteral nutrient solution bysupplying high-quality animal and vegetable proteins.The product contains 13 kinds of vitamins and minerals, and DHA as well as high oleic sunflower oil and medium chain triglyceride that help with digestion and absorption.Monosaccharide and fructooligosaccharide help with fast energy supply and growth development. It was designed systematically and scientifically meeting the standard of CODEX infant and child food and Pediatric Clinical Nutrition Guidelines, the liquid form, instead of powder form. The product can be conveniently consumed immediately without separate preparation process.


  • Age:1-13 years old patients
    Malnutrition children with swallowing/ chewing difficulties, growth failure, fetal alcohol syndrome etc.
    Picky children or children with small meal size

Greenbia Kids
Nutritional Facts(200ml basis):taurine 22mg, chlorine 183mg, L-carnitine 4mg, choline 66mg, MCT oil.2.5g, DHA 14mg

Amount Per Serving (200ml / 1 can)

Calories 200kcl Sodium 87mg (10%) Vitamin E 2mg -TE (33%) Magnesium 33mg (33%)
Carbohydrate 213g Vitamin A 150µgRE (50%) Vitamin K1 10µg (33%) Zinc 2mg (50%)
Sugars 8g Vitamin B1 0.17mg (50%) Folic acid 60µg (33%) Iron 3.5mg (50%)
Protein 6g (30%) Vitamin B2 0.23mg (33%) Niacin 2.2mgNE (33%) Potassium 260mg (11%)
Fat 10g Vitamin B6 0.23mg (33%) Biotin 3.67µg (33%) Manganese 0.4mg (20%)
Saturated fat 3.5g Vitamin B12 0.37µg (33%) Pantothenic acid 1mg (33%) Copper 0.17mg (50%)
Trans fat 0g Vitamin C 20mg (50%) Calcium 200mg (33%) Iodine 18mg (20%)
Cholesterol 0mg Vitamin D3 4µg (80%) Phosphorus 125mg (25%) Selenium 7.5µg (30%)

* < >indicates % recommended nutrient intake for Koreans (20-29 yr old male)

Product feature and property

-Calorie configuration- protein: Fat: Carbohydrate = 12: 45: 43 - Specific gravity -1.0520g/cm3 -Viscosity -3.6cps
-Osmosis -280mOsm/kg∙H2O - PH – -6.7 -Renal Solute Load -200mOsm/L

Nutrition design

- Protein sources: sodium caseinate, condensed milk protein, isolated soy protein
- Fat sources: high-oleic sunflower oil, soybean oil, medium chain triglycerides, purified fish oil - Carbohydrate sources:maltodextrin, refined sugar, fructooligosaccharide