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Greenbia Mild Care Greenbia Mild Care
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Balanced nutrition(Complete, balanced nutrition)

  • - Five major nutrients
    Oral nutritional supplement formula containing the five major nutrients
  • - Micronutrients
    Combination of micronutrients choline, vitamin K1, manganese, copper etc.
  • - UseMCT oil
    Includes MCT oil for people who have difficulty absorbing fat

Product Description

  • It is a special medical food for people who cannot have regular meal and the general public and patients who need proper nutrition supply. It is alow-residue liquid nutrition balanced product for various purposes that combinesboth flavor and nutrients. It can be adequately used for the purpose of sodium restricted diet and to supply overall nutrients and supplement nutrients by adjusting each nutrient harmoniously.


  • Patients that require low-residue diet/ patients with weak mastication and swallowing function or poor appetite

    Recovering patients before and after surgery / patients switching over from liquid food to normal food

    Patents that require long-term liquid food

    Athletes and students who need nutritional supplements,nutritional supplement for meal skippers

" Calories 200kcl Cholesterol 0mg " Vitamin E 2mg α - TE (20%) Zinc 2mg 20%
" Fat 6g Sodium 160mg (11%) " Vitamin K1 15µg (20%) Iron 2mg 20%
" Carbohydrate 30g Vitamin A 150µg RE (20%) " Folicacid 80µg (20%) Potassium 270mg 6%
" MCT oil 1g Vitamin B1 0.24mg (20%) " Niacin 3.2mgNE (20%) Chlorine 240mg 10%
" Fiber 1g (3%) Vitamin B2 0.3mg (20%) " Biotin 6µg (20%) Manganese 0.7mg 20%
" Saturated fat 2g Vitamin B6 0.3mg (20%) " Pantothenic acid 1mg (20%) Copper 0.16mg (20%)
" Sugars 6g Vitamin B12 0.48µg (20%) " Calcium 140mg (20%) Choline 61mg
" Trans fat 0g Vitamin C 20mg (20%) " Phosphorus 140mg (20%) Lactose 0g
" Protein 8g(15g) Vitamin D3 1µg (20%) " Magnesium 44mg (13%)    

* < >indicates % recommended nutrient intake for Koreans (20-29 yr old male)