Greenbia Fiber
Greenbia Fiber Greenbia Fiber
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Isotonic Liquid Nutrition with Fiber

  • - Five major nutrients
    Balanced Nutrition evenly mixed with five major nutrients
  • - Fiber content
    Mixed Soybean dietary fiber (21.5g/L)
  • - Uses MCT oil
    Included MCT oil for people who have difficulty absorbing fat

Product Description

  • Greenbia Fiber is a special medical food mixed with dietary fiber. It can supply enough nutrients required for tube feeding for a long period of time and can be used as a meal replacement as well. Isotonic osmolality, low Renal Solute Load

Mixed Micronutrients

  • Soybean dietary fiber(15g/L) and micronutrients, taurine, L- Carnitine, choline, vitamin K1


  • Patients concerned of side effects due to long-term tube feeding / patients with chronic malnutrition
  • Patients on tube feeding or oral meal or the elderly at home

Greenbia Fiber
Nutritional Facts

Amount Per Serving (200ml / 1 can)

Calories 200kcl Sodium 185mg (12%) Folic acid 80µg (20%) Potassium 250mg (5%)
Fat 6g Vitamin A 150µgRE (20%) Niacin 3.2mg NE (20%) Chlorine 205mg (9%)
Carbohydrate 31g Vitamin B1 0.24mg (20%) Biotin 6µg (20%) Manganese 0.7mg (20%)
MCT oil 1g Vitamin B2 0.3mg (20%) Pantothenic acid 1mg (20%) Iodine 30µg (20%)
Fiber 4.3g (14%) Vitamin B6 0.3mg (20%) Calcium 140mg (20%) Copper 0.16mg (20%)
Saturated fat 2g Vitamin B12 0.48µg (20%) Phosphorus 140mg (20%) Taurine 4mg
Sugars 2g Vitamin C 20mg (20%) Magnesium 58mg (17%) L-Carnitine 4mg
Trans fat 0g Vitamin D3 1µg (20%) Zinc 2mg (20%) Choline 110mg
Protein 9g (16%) Vitamin E 2mgα-TE (20%) Iron 2mg (20%) Lactose 0g
Cholesterol 0mg Vitamin K1 15µg (20%)        

* < >indicates % recommended nutrient intake for Koreans (20-29 yr old male)