Greenbia DM Solution
Greenbia DM Solution Greenbia DM Solution
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Tube feeding formula for diabetics

Specialized Tube Feeding Formula for Patients with Diabetes Mellitus or Critically III Patients with Hyperglycemia
  • - Fermentable sugar restriction
    Minimize fermentable sugar content which can stimulate the intestine
  • - Nutrition design for diabetics
    Contains calorie ratio, soluble fiber and monounsaturated fatty acids for diabetics
  • Contains micronutrients
    Contains micronutrients (vitamin A, B12, C, E, zinc) for nutritional support, digestion and absorption

Product Description

  • Greenbia DM Solution is a product that reduced fermentable sugars (FODMAP) content which may cause maladaptation such as abdominal pain, diarrhea etc. for critical patients with hyperglycemia and diabetics who want to receive balanced nutrients. To provide balanced nutrients easily, it contains soluble dietary fiber and monounsaturated fatty acid considering calorie ratio for diabetics. To minimize the side effects such as diarrhea, immunity decrease etc. that can occur during long term tube feeding the product is enriched with micronutrients such as vitamin A, B12, C, E, zinc etc. which help with digestion and absorption as well as enhance immunity.


  • Nutrition design for diabetics
    Critical patients with hyperglycemia
    Diabetics who need tube feeding

Greenbia DM Solution is a diabetic patient food with lowered content of fermentable sugars and enriched nutrients for critical patients with hyperglycemia or diabetics who require blood sugar control.

Greenbia DM Solution
Nutritional Facts: taurine 40mg, chlorine 205mg, L-carnitine 40mg, choline 110mg, MCT oil

Amount Per Serving (1000ml / 1 pkg.)

Calories 1000kcl Sodium 685mg (44%) Vitamin K1 75ug (100%) Iron 10mg (100%)
Carbohydrate 93g Vitamin A 1125µgRE (150%) Folic acid 400ug (100%) Potassium 1170mg (33%)
Sugars 3g Vitamin B1 1.2mg (100%) Niacin 16mgNE (100%) Manganese 4mg (100%)
Fiber 15g (60%) Vitamin B2 1.5mg (100%) Biotin 30ug (100%) Iodine 150µg (100%)
Protein 50g (91%) Vitamin B6 1.5mg (100%) Pantothenic acid 5mg (100%) Copper 0.8mg (100%)
Fat 45g Vitamin B12 4.8µg (200%) Calcium 750mg (100%) Selenium 27.5ug (50%)
Saturated fat 7g Vitamin C 200mg (200%) Phosphorus 700mg (100%) Chrome 25ug
Trans fat 0g Vitamin D3 5µg (100%) Magnesium 289mg (85%) Molybdenum 12.5ug
Cholesterol 0mg Vitamin E 4.8mgα – TE (200%) Zinc 20mg (200%)    

* < >indicates % recommended nutrient intake for Koreans(19-29 years old male)

Product feature and property

-Calorie configuration- protein: Fat: Carbohydrate = 20: 20: 40 -Viscosity10~15cps
-Osmosis -270mOsm/kg∙H2O -Renal Solute Load -373mOsm/L

Nutrition design

- Protein sources: sodium caseinate, condensed milk protein, isolated soy protein
- Fat sources: high-oleic sunflower oil, soybean oil, medium chain triglycerides, purified fish oil - Carbohydrate sources:maltodextrin, refined sugar, fructooligosaccharide