Greenbia RTH
Greenbia RTH Greenbia RTH
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Balanced nutritional supplement for tube feeding patients

Balanced Oral Nutrition for the Elderly
  • - Sanitary nutrition supply
    Prevent bacterial contamination and sanitary matters by implementing disposable packaging and closed system (sealed type)
  • - Convenience of both patients and caregivers
    Simplified method that can inject immediately by using a hanger
  • Professional nutrition design
    Nutritional supplement which adjusted osmotic pressure similar to body fluid with balance design of five major nutrients and micronutrients

Product Description

  • Greenbia RTH is a sanitary product that can provide nutrients seamlessly. It is a balanced nutritional supplement for tube feeding which is used on critical patients who need intensive care and the general public who need tube feeding. It minimized diarrhea due to bacterial contamination by implementing closed system (sealed type).It is convenient for both patients and caregivers since it can be placed on separate container and can inject immediately by hanging it on the hanger.It can also accelerate the recovery to everyday life through nutrition condition improvement by adjusting each nutrient in balance for health balance and fast recovery of patients.


  • Regular patients who require long-term or short-term tube feeding (gastrointestinal surgery, loss of consciousness, esophagus disorders), patients with weak swallowing and chewing function or loss of appetite


  • 250ml / 300ml / 400ml / 500ml

Easy to use method of Greenbia RTH

Greenbia RTH Solution
Nutritional Facts (400ml basis): MCT oil 2g, chlorine 240mg, taurine 44mg, L-carnitine 44mg, choline 150mg

Amount Per Serving (400ml / 1 pkg.)

Calories 400kcl Vitamin A 300ug RE (40%) Niacin 6.4mgNE (40%) Iodine 39µg (26%)
Carbohydrate 69g Vitamin B1 0.48mg (40%) Biotin 12µg (40%) Copper 0.21mg (26%)
Fiber 8g (26%) Vitamin B2 0.6mg (40%) Pantothenic acid 2mg (40%) Taurine 4mg
Sugars 2g Vitamin B6 0.6mg (40%) Calcium 280mg (40%) L-Carnitine 44mg
Protein 15g Vitamin B12 0.96ug (40%) Phosphorus 280mg (40%) Choline 150mg
Cholesterol 0mg Vitamin C 40mg (40%) Magnesium 88mg (26%) Lactose 0g
Sodium 250mg (17%) Vitamin D3 2µg (20%) Zinc 4mg (40%) Selenium 11µg (20%)
    Vitamin E 4mgα – TE (100%) Iron 4mg (40%) Chrome 10µg
    Vitamin K1 30ug (40%) Potassium 380mg (8%) Molybdenum 5µg
    Folic acid 160ug (200%) Manganese 0.91mg (26%)    

* < >indicates % recommended nutrient intake for Koreans(19-29 years old male)

Product feature and property

-Calorie configuration- protein: Fat: Carbohydrate = 20: 20: 40 -Viscosity10~15cps
-Osmosis -270mOsm/kg∙H2O -Renal Solute Load -373mOsm/L