Greenbia TF
Greenbia TF Greenbia TF
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Isotonic Liquid Nutrition for Tube Feeding

  • - Five major nutrients
    Balanced Nutrition evenly mixed with five major nutrients
  • - Isotonic nutritional balance
    Isotonic nutritional supplement similar to body fluid
  • - Micronutrients
    Micronutrientssuch as Taurine, L- carnitine, choline, Vitamin K1, iodine, manganese, copper etc.

Product Description

  • Greenbia TF is a special medical food that reduces problems thatoccur with enteral nutritional products.It is alow residue liquid product with osmotic pressure adjusted to be similar to body fluid for patients who require balanced nutrition intake and patients who have difficulty with oral nutrition intake.
    Isotonic osmolality, low renal solute load


  • Tube feeding for elderly /Patients with neurological disabilities / nutrition supply before and after surgery / people who have difficulty moving / patients who can't intake normal nutrients / patients with chronic malnutrition

Greenbia TF
Nutritional Facts

Amount Per Serving (200ml / 1 can)

Calories 200kcl Sodium 120mg (8%) Folic acid 80µg (20%) Potassium 240mg (5%)
Fat 4.5g Vitamin A 150µgRE (20%) Niacin 3.2mg NE (20%) Chlorine 160mg (7%)
Carbohydrate 34g Vitamin B1 0.24mg (20%) Biotin 6µg (20%) Manganese 0.46mg (13%)
MCT oil 1g Vitamin B2 0.3mg (20%) Pantothenic acid 1mg (20%) Iodine 19.5µg (13%)
Fiber 3g (10%) Vitamin B6 0.3mg (20%) Calcium 140mg (20%) Copper 0.1mg (13%)
Saturated fat 2g Vitamin B12 0.48µg (20%) Phosphorus 140mg (20%) Taurine 22mg
Sugars 2g Vitamin C 20mg (20%) Magnesium 44mg (13%) L-Carnitine 22mg
Trans fat 0g Vitamin D3 1µg (20%) Zinc 2mg (20%) Choline 73mg
Protein 8g (15%) Vitamin E 2mgα-TE (20%) Iron 2mg (20%) Lactose 0g
Cholesterol 0mg Vitamin K1 15µg (20%)        

* < >indicates % recommended nutrient intake for Koreans (20-29 yr old male)