Soy formula

Want a balanced nutrition for your baby after mother’s milk stage?

Growth period baby formula, staple food for my baby!

Unlike soy milk or other snack-like baby food, Soy Formulais a systematically designed nutrition formulafor our babies in a growth period that can be fed as a staple food.


Thorough and safe control system!

We regard babies’safety as our top priority.

You may feel safe about feeding this product to your baby as it uses zero synthetic preservatives, is strictly controlled through a 3-stage raw materials management system, and has obtained the HACCP certification, the first-ever in the soy milk industry.


Carefully use every single raw material!

Reliable product usingtrustworthy raw materials

Our products only use clean whole soy strictly controlled and distributed, and are safely designed down to each raw sugar material, able to feed your baby without any worries.


Our product is reliable!

Soy formula createdby a pediatrician

It was created and developed by Honorary President Chai-won Chung, a pediatrician at the time, in 1968,all startingfrom a therapeutic diet for lactose intolerance.


Stable growth, development, and excellence of our babies

Research anddevelopmenthave been conducted continuously.

Joint research and academic exchanges have been consistently performed with top institutions in Korea, notably Seoul National University Children’s Hospital and Kyung Hee University.


Systematic and balanced nutrition tailored to each growth period!

Well-balanced nutrition is a must!

Functional components in nutrition required for a balanced development of our babies have been reinforced.