Functional Soymilk

Hallabong containing health
Black bean soup for noddle and cooking Black bean soup for noddle and cooking
Soybean soup, nutrition of black soybeans and black sesame seeds are added to thick soybean soup
  • Size

    Pack 950ml

  • Calories

    100kcal (190ml basis)

  • Expiration Period


  • Released Date

    2008. 06

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Product feature

  • Anthocyanin ingredient
  • Domestic Black Soybean
  • Soybean soup for cooking
  • 01Soybean soup, added with nutrition of black soybeans and black sesame seeds
    - 무더위 속에 지치기 쉬운 여름철에는 양질의 Protein 보충이 중요한데 콩은 칼로리나 Fat질, 당질은 적은 반면,
    It's important to supplement high-quality protein during hot summer time, soybeans are low in calories, fat and sugar but soybeans are low-fat high-protein food full of protein. Our ancestors used to enjoy cold soybean soup as the wisdom to overcome hot summer days.

    In Woorian Thick Soybean Soup, nutrients of black soybeans and black sesame seeds containing black food ingredient anthocyanins are added to soybean soup made with only soybean.
  • 02Rich and clean taste of soybean soup and nutty flavor of domestic black soybean!
    - Thick and cold soybean soup is nutty as well as nutritional. It's excellent delicacy of summer time that stimulates appetite in hot sweaty summer, it's also great food for quick bite.

    In Woorian Thick Soybean Soup, you can taste the thick and clean flavor of traditional style soybean soup which used to be grind on millstone. We also thickened the nutty flavor of soybean by using domestic black soybean and added black sesame seeds and peanuts.
  • 0303 With Woorian Thick Soybean Soup, make various dishes for appetite and nutrition of our family.
    - Woorian Thick Soybean Soup is soybean soup for cooking which can be drank as is as well as may be used in various dishes including stew, porridge etc. easily, it saves cooking time and provides rich flavor and deep nutrition. Make various delicious nutritional dishes using soybean soup, full of nutritional ingredients for adults who love beans and even children who hate soybeans as well. 우리안 진한 콩국물 검은콩을 이용한 레시피소개

Nutritional Facts

Amount Per Serving (190ml / 1 cup)

Calories 100kcal Saturated fat 2g (13%)
Carbohydrate 5g(2%) Trans fat 0g
Sugars 1g Cholesterol 0mg (0%)
Protein 7g (13%) Sodium 380mg (19%)
Fat 5g (10%)

Amount per 5 servings (950ml)

Calories 505kcal Saturated fat 10g (67%)
Carbohydrate 25g(8%) Trans fat 0g
Sugars 5g Cholesterol 0mg (0%)
Protein 36g (65%) Sodium 1900mg (95%)
Fat 26g (51%)

(*) indicates % Daily Value