Vegemil Apple Mango Soymilk with chewy fruits
Vegemil Honey Soymilk Vegemil Apple Mango Soymilk with chewy fruits
Apple Mango Soymilk that contains fresh apple mango juice
  • Size

    Pack 190ml

  • Calories


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  • Release year

    2014. 7

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Product features

  • Sweet and sour taste of apple mango
  • Nutritional balance of vegetable protein
  • Fresh fruit grains
  • 01Full of rich nutrition of soymilk and apple mango!
    - We added rich nutrients of sweet apple mango which is full of vitamin A,C,D with low calories to the soymilk, full of vegetable protein. By implementing fresh fruit taste, people who didn't enjoy soymilk can enjoy it.
  • 02Maintain nutritional balance with vegetable protein!
    - Soymilk, well known as a representative food containing vegetable protein doesn't contain any lactose and cholesterol. Therefore, it balances vegetable protein and animal protein of shifted our body due to excessive animal foods
  • 03Fresh peach, nata de coco grains!
    - We brought out the chewy texture of fruit grains by applying new patented method (Producing method of package type aseptic juice beverage. Also, it's great for nutritious snack for kids by adding fun to unique sweet and sour taste of peach and nata de coco.

Vegemil Products?

  • - Uses soy milk extract manufactured by grinding real soy beans rather thanisolated soy protein
  • - Manufactured according to a strict sterilization system
  • - Employs a 3-level management system of raw materials, selecting and using only materials that are guaranteed for their safety and reliability

Nutritional Facts

Amount Per Serving (195ml / 1 Pack)

Calories 115kcal Saturated fat 0g (0%)
Carbohydrate 25g (8%) Trans fat 0g
Sugars 24g Cholesterol 0mg (0%)
Protein 1g (2%) Sodium 45mg (2%)
Fat 1g (2%)    

(*) indicates % Daily Value