Soymilk for Children

Vegemil Pororo and Loopy & Pororo and Crong Soymilk
베지밀 뽀로로와 루피 & 뽀로로와 크롱 두유 Vegemil Pororo and Loopy & Pororo and Crong Soymilk
Specialized soymilk for children that meets the flavor and nutrition at the same time
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    Package 190ml

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  • Released Date

    2010. 12

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Product features

  • Nutritional vegetable snack with Pororo
  • Calcium and vitamin D for strong bones
  • Soybean Oligosaccharide and dietary fiber for healthy intestine
  • 01Intake of nutritional vegetable snack with Porong Porong Pororo that children love
    -Children can enjoy drinking good nutrients of the natural bean with popular characters Pororo and friends. We fulfilled the flavor and nutrients at the same time by adding sweet flavor of chocolate and banana for children who don't drink soymilk.
  • 02Contains calcium and vitamin D3 for strong bones of growing children
    - 칼We designed it to contain vitamin D3 which helps calcium to absorb as well as calcium which helps to form framework and teeth for children in growth period, it may help on calcium nutrition essential for normal growth and development of children.

    ※Amount per serving size (190ml) calcium 80mg: nutrient reference values 11% / vitamin D3 2ug: nutrient reference values 40%

  • 03Contains soybean oligosaccharide and dietary fiber for healthy intestine
    - Soybean originated oligosaccharide and dietary fiber are ingredients known to help with smooth bowl movement, it may help intestine health of children.
    This product was designed to meet nutritional balance with cute characters by adding vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, pantothenic acid, niacin and folic acid.
  • 04It's not a high-calorie, low-nutrition food!
    - It's not included in the list of high-calorie, low-nutrition foods prohibited for sales in school and children protection zones. It's a soymilk beverage that children can enjoy safely.

Vegemil Products?

  • - Uses soy milk extract manufactured by grinding real soy beans rather thanisolated soy protein
  • - Manufactured according to a strict sterilization system
  • - Employs a 3-level management system of raw materials, selecting and using only materials that are guaranteed for their safety and reliability

Nutritional Facts

Vegemil Pororo and Chrong Soymilk Amount Per Serving (190ml)

Nutritional Facts
Calories 130kcal Saturated Fat 0.5g (3%)
Carbohydrate 24g(7%) Saturated Fat 0.5g (3%)
Carbohydrate 0.9g(4%) Cholesterol 0mg
Sugars 18g Sodium 110mg (6%)
Protein 3.6g (7%) Sodium 100mg (14%)
Fat 2g (4&)

(*) indicates % Daily Value

Vegemil Pororo and Loopy Soymilk Amount Per Serving (190ml)

Calories 124kcal Saturated Fat 1g (7%)
Carbohydrate 20g(6%) Trans Fat 0g
Carbohydrate 0.9g(4%) Cholesterol 0mg
Sugars 16g Sodium 100mg (5%)
Protein 3.6g (7%) Sodium 100mg (14%)
Fat 3.5g (7%)

(*) indicates % Daily Value