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Greenbia Healthy living
Korea's first and largest enteral nutrition

What is Greenbia?

  • Features
    01 Greenbia is the leading brand of domestic commercial enteral nutrition.
    Greenbia is the enteral nutrition product developed to suit the taste and constitution of Korean people when Korean people were depending on foreign product in special nutritional product market before 1990.Since it was released in 1991, it has been leading the domestic commercial enteral nutritional market.
  • What is enteral nutrition?
    - It is a liquid form of food which is used to supply proper nutrition to patients who have problems with mobility and chewing and processing function due to various disease. Enteral nutrition is also referred to as patient food, liquid food, and tube feeding.
  • 02 Greenbia supplies balanced nutrition by a specialized nutrition plan.
    -Through systematic and scientific nutritional research, we developed many types of products according to the diseases and purposes to provide meticulous nutrition that suits patient’s characteristics.Greenbia also provides balanced nutrition for the elders and general public.
  • 03 Greenbia is verified by clinical studies.
    -We continue clinical researches with outstanding domestic universities and progress academic exchange with medical staff of hospitals nationwide about patient nutrition.