Greenbia RD+
Greenbia RD+ Greenbia RD+
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Balanced nutritional supplement for patients who require electrolyte and fluid restriction

For Patients Requiring Electrolyte and Fluid Restriction
  • - Fluid intake restriction
    High-calorie density for fluid intake restriction 2kcal/ML
  • - Supplement protein after dialysis
    Supplement protein that was lost in dialysis
  • Enrich calcium, restrict phosphorus
    Enrich calcium, restrict phosphorus, Ca/P ratio = 2.4:1

Product Description

  • Greenbia RD+ is a high-protein and high-calorie special medical food for patients with dialysis kidney disease that need intake restriction of electrolytes, fluid etc. and requires high-quality protein. We adjusted the nutritional content to fit the nutritional requirement of dialysis patients and it can be used as basic nutrimental diet or meal replacement.


  • Patients with dialysis kidney diseases / patients require fluid intake restriction
    Patients with electrolyte intake restrictions such as sodium, potassium, phosphorus etc.

Greenbia RD+
Nutritional Facts

Amount Per Serving (200ml / 1 can)

Calories 400kcl Trans fat 0g Vitamin B2 0.3mg (20%) Calcium 340mg (49%)
Carbohydrate 56g Cholesterol 0mg Vitamin B3 1mg (20%) Phosphorus 140mg (20%)
Fiber 2g (6%) Sodium 145mg (10%) Vitamin B3 1µg (20%) Magnesium 40mg (12%)
Sugars 1g Taurine 20mg Vitamin E 2mgα - TE (20%) Potassium 160mg (3%)
Protein 15g (27%) L-Carnitine 20mg Folic acid 160µg (40%) Chlorine 90mg (4%)
Fat 13g Inositol 111mg Niacin 3.2mg (20%) Zinc 2mg
MCT oil 4g Vitamin A 70µg RE (9%) Biotin 20µg (67%) Iron 2mg
Saturated fat 5g Vitamin B1 0.24mg (20%) Pantothenic acid 1mg (20%) Lactose 0mg

* < >indicates % recommended nutrient intake for Koreans (20-29 yr old male)