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Vegemil non-additive soymilk
Vegemil Vegemil non-additive soymilk
100% soymilk that doesn't contain anything but soybeans
  • Size

    Pack 190ml

  • Calories


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  • Release year

    2014. 07

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Product feature

  • Rich nutrient of bean
  • Simple and clean taste
  • Utilize in various dishes
  • 01Vegemil No artificial addictive soymilk, full of vegetable nutrients!!
    - It contains 1.5 times more beans compared to existing soymilk, since it doesn't contain anything else but beans. It’s healthy soymilk with low sodium content and high protein content along with rich vegetable nutrient.

    ■ Soybean protein content per serving size (190mml): 9g (general soymilk 6g)

  • 02Vegemil no artificial addictive soymilk with cleaner taste!
    - The soymilk grind with natural soybeans, you can taste nutty and light flavor of real soymilk. It also implemented cleaner aftertaste with special process through technology development and 40 years of soymilk manufacturing know-hows so even non-soymilk drinkers can enjoy it.
  • 03no artificial addictive soymilk that can be used in various dishes!
    - Vegemil no artificial addictive soymilk can be used for powder mix and various dishes such as cold soybeans noodle soul, pasta etc. Create healthy table and save cooking time with rich flavored and nutritional Vegemil no artificial addictive soymilk!

Vegemil products

  • - We do not use soybeans protein, we directly grind soybeans and make soymilk.
  • - Vegemil is produced in sterile system.
  • - We carefully select and use safety guaranteed raw materials through a triple raw material management system

Nutritional Facts

Amount Per Serving (190ml / 1 pkg.)

Calories 100kcal Fat 0g
Carbohydrate 4g (1%) Cholesterol 0mg (0%)
Sugars 3g Sodium 30mg (2%)
Protein 9g (16%)
Fat 6g(12%)
Saturated fat 2.5g(17%)

(*) indicates % Daily Value