Corn Silk Tea Corn Silk Tea
Clean taste tea beverage with the delicate flavor of corn
  • Size

    PET 340ml

  • Calories


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  • Released Date

    2007. 06

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Product Characteristics

  • Delicate taste
  • Calorie 0kcal
  • Vitamin B6, magnesium
  • 01Feel the lighter body and soul!
    - Sunmond Corn Silk Teas brewed delicate flavor of corn, it's a beverage you can enjoy without worrying about your body since there is no sugar added and calorie is 0. It also contains vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) and potassium, that clears your body and soul.
  • 02Lighter body with brewed corn silk!
    - The long strands that resemble a grandpa's beard at the bottom of the corn is called corn silk.
    It's easy for people to remove this beard, but this corn silk let our body to release its fluid out of the water.
    Sunmond'Corn Silk Tea' is a product with brewed corn silk which makes our body to be lighter.

Nutritional Facts

Amount Per serving (340ml / 1 plastic bottle)

Nutritional Facts표
Calories 0kcal Fat 0g (0%)
Carbohydrate 0g(0%) Saturated Fat 0g (0%)
Sugars 0g Trans Fat 0g
Protein 0g (0%) Cholesterol 0mg (0%)
Calcium 44mg (6%) Sodium 20mg (1%)

(*) indicates % Daily Value