• The 2nd time to leap
      The 2nd time to leapThe 2nd time to leap


      Moved into new Hoehyun-dong office building which is indwelled with sprit of its foundation and proclaimed the 2nd foundation. We are strengthening our status as the representative food business responsible for public health.

      2015 History

      • 03Plain Vegemil A Black Bean Soymilk, Sweet Vegemil B Black Bean Soymilk
            Released vegemil that can help to improve cholesterol
      • 03Selected as No.1 Golden brand for 13 consecutive years in Korea Brand Power
            Index (K-BPI), soymilk sector
      • 02Released Vegemil domestic bean soymilk, Vegemil domestic bean soymilk
             almond, walnut

      2014 History

      • 12Released Vegemil honey soymilk
      • 07Released Vegemil no artificial additive soymilk,
             Vegemil apple mango soymilk with chewy fruit
      • 05Awarded for Sial Innovation Award at the '2014 Sial China' China
             international food expo
      • 04Released Vegemil bean baby food, our bean
      • 03Selected as No.1 Golden brand for 12 consecutive years in
             Korea Brand Power Index (K-BPI), soymilk sector
      • 02Released Vegemil Soy milk + Milk
      • 01Received Sponsor contribution appreciation plaque by
            Korea Blood Cancer Association

      2013 History

      • 04Announced new CI for the 40th anniversary of Dr. Chung's Food Co., Ltd.
      • 03Selected as No.1 Golden brand for 11 consecutive years in Korea Brand
            Power Index (K-BPI), soymilk sector
      • 02Released Greenbia Iodine restricted Nutritional supplement
      • 01Soybean fiber Manufacturing Technology New Excellent
            Technology certification

      2012 History

      • 12Released Greenbia 1.5 HACCP Certification of all Vegemil
            products (including bottles, pouches)
      • 10Released Vegemil Mouth full banana soymilk
      • 09Released Greenbia dysphagia solution
      • 08Released Vegemil creamer original
      • 07Selected as No.1 Golden brand for 11 consecutive
            years in Korea Brand Power Index (K-BPI), soymilk sector
      • 06Released Greenbia Iodine restricted Nutritional supplement
      • 05Released Vegemil Oatmeal soymilk
      • 04Released three kinds of Cafe Soya Selected
            as Official drink for national wrestling team (Vegemil, Greenbia)
      • 03Korea Brand Power Index (K-BPI), soymilk sector Selected
            as No.1 Golden brand for 10 consecutive years
      • 02Released Almond and Walnut Vegemil
      • 01Recertification of Consumer Centered Management
            as the first in soymilk industry

      2011 History

      • 07Selected as Excellent Company for marking origin of agrifood
      • 06Launched 'Sing Sing live Vegemil' refrigerated soymilk
      • 04Released Sun Mond Natural Juice
      • 03Released Vegemil Hovenia soymilk Selected as No.1
            Golden brand for 9 consecutive years in Korea Brand
            Power Index (K-BPI),soymilk sector Good Neighbors
            Fund Delivery Ceremony (Delivered Soymilk Day event proceeds)
      • 01Selected as Excellent Company of National Living safety

      2010 History

      • 12Awarded for Excellent Company using genuine software
            (by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
      • 12HACCP Certification of all Vegemil products (pouches)
            (Cheongju Factory)
      • 12President's Award on the 15th consumer rights day
      • 12Released renewal soft soy bean drinking yogurt
      • 10Released Sun Mont Soymilk + Milk plus
      • 10Released Sun Mont apple in pocket Sip of orange
      • 06Moved to Hoehyeon-dong new office building
      • 06Released Sun Mont Healthy Hallabong, Blueberry aid
      • 06Released GI project Vegemil ace
      • 05HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)
            Certification of Vegemil soy bean baby food
      • 03Released Vegemil that wants to give to my family
      • 02Selected as No.1 Golden brand for 8 consecutive years in
            Korea Brand Power Index (K-BPI), soymilk sector Released Vegemil black bean
            and 16 grains
  • The 1st time to leap
      The 1st time to leap 제 1도약기


      Keeping pace with the information age, we have restructured ourselves as a lead 21st century company. By introducing the ERP system in 1998, we have increased workefficiency andcomputerized everything, and also reorganized our sales and distribution organizations.

      2009 History

      • 11CCMS certification, the first in the soymilk industry
      • 11‘Carbon labeling certification’ of 6 Vegemil products
      • 10Released Green Tea Vegemil Fresh Renewal
      • 09Social contribution agreement with Good Neighbors
      • 09Registered Premium Vegemil Infant Formula with the U.S. FDA
      • 0606Released One Sip, Power Booster
      • 05Built Gangnam office
      • 04Released Vegemil Fiber 3000
      • 03Released Greenbia MC Black Sesame Seed
      • 03Released Red Bean Vegemil
      • 01Organized consulting of Vegemil, Korea Management Association
      • 01Selected as No.1 Golden brand for 7 consecutive years in Korea Brand Power Index (K-BPI), soymilk sector

      2008 History

      • 12ISO 22000(Food Safety Management System) certification
      • 11Black Soybean Vegemil, Black Soybean High calcium Vegemil packages
      • 07Selected as the No.1 Golden brand for 6 consecutive years in Korea Brand Power Index (K-BPI), soymilk sector
      • 06Released Sunmond School Yogurt, School Juice, and Deliso Grape/Tomato
      • 05Dr. Chung’s Food cited asa ‘Food Safety Management Excellent Company’
      • 04Released School Kids
      • 03Released SunmondV19 in a Pocket
      • 02Selected as the No.1 Golden brand for 6 consecutive years
             in Korea Brand Power Index (K-BPI), soymilk sector2015-10-06

      2007 History

      • 08Released Sunmond Black Soybean Tea, Wild Ginseng Water My Body Wants
      • 08Released Golden Rich That Wakes Me Up, Brewed Coffee Black/ Hazelnut
      • 03Organized Vegemilfor 5 consecutive years, Korea Management Association
      • 02Selected as the No.1 Golden brand for 5 consecutive years in Korea Brand
             Power Index (K-BPI), soymilk sector
      • 01Renewal of Organic Vegemil Baby Formula
      • 01Organic Vegemil Infant Step 1, Toddler Step 2/ Step 3, Elfin Step 4
      • 01Released Sunmond Yeseol Tri-Color Tea, Yeseol Brown Rice Green Tea, Corn
            Silk Tea
      • 01Central Research institute acquired a patent related to the soybean gemmule and shell

      2006 History

      • 12Received an appreciation reward as a ‘Love Sharing Sponsor’
      • 09Released Premium Vegemil Elfin Step4, Renewal of Vegemil Neo-Infant
      • 06Released Green Tea EGCG Vegemil
      • 04Released Refrigerated Vegemil A, B, and Green Tea Vegemil
      • 03Renewal of Premium Vegemil Baby Formula
      • 03Released Premium Vegemil Infant Step1, Toddler Step 2 / Step 3
      • 03Renewal of Vegemil Baby Formula
      • 03Vegemil Infant Step1, Toddler Step 2 / Step 3, Elfin Step 4
      • 02Selected as the No.1 Golden brand for 4 consecutive years in Korea Brand     Power Index (K-BPI), soymilk sector
      • 02Released Sunmond Soy Café Latte, Soy Cappuccino, Black Soybean Soymilk
      • 02Renewal release of High Calcium Vegemil, Black Soybean Soymilk Doctor, and     Vegemil Adult
      • 01Patent No.0563206, Soy bio 7 “Manufacturing Method of
            Soybean Fermented Beverage”

      2005 History

      • 09Received the Best Technology Award, Health Industry Technologies Exposition
      • 06Replaced the cap of bottled Vegemil to A, B RTO, released Vegemil Teens
      • 05테트라탑 소이 망고, 소이 오렌지 출시
      • 04Released Vegemil Soy Bio 7
      • 04Organic Vegemil Infant, Toddler, Premium
      • 0404 Renewal release of Dr. Vegemil Series (High calcium, Selenium, Adult)
      • 02Selected as the No.1 Golden brand for 3 consecutive years in Korea Brand     Power Index (K-BPI), soymilk sector

      2004 History

      • 08Renewed bottle design of Vegemil A, B using disposable bottles
      • 02Selected as the No.1 Golden brand for2 consecutive years in Korea Brand
            Power Index (K-BPI), soymilk sector

      2003 History

      • 12The Central Research Institute was recognized as a KOLAS
            (Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme)
      • 11Released Vegemil Black Sesame Seed
      • 10Received an Excellence Award in Health and industrial promotion merits,
            Technology sector
      • 06Renewed bottle design of Vegemil A, B using disposable bottles
      • 06Released Vegemil Black Soybean and Black Sesame Seed
      • 02Selected as the No.1 Golden brand in Korea Brand Power Index (K-BPI),
            soymilk sector

      2002 History

      • 06Released Greenbia Fiber
      • 03Completion of automated warehouse
      • 02Released High Calcium Vegemil

      2001 History

      • 12Released Vegemil Grain powder, Ssuk Ssuk 5
      • 11Corporate separation of Nature & People Co., Ltd
      • 02Installed GMO quantitative analyzer at the Central Research Institute
      • 02Selected as an Excellent Military Supply Company in the beverage sector
      • 01Took over Morning Bell

      2000 History

      • 09Cheongju Factory was selected as the 2000 Republic of Korea Excellent Manufacturing Factory
      • 04Released Green Tea Vegemil
      • 03Presidential reward on the 34th Taxpayer’s Day

      1999 History

      • 11Chairman Chai-Won Chung received the International Soybean Association
            Achievement Award
      • 04Released Vegemil Neo-Infant

      1998 History

      • 11Opened the International Soybean Symposium
      • 07Signed contract for the introduction of the ERP System
      • 06Registered Vegemil Youth, Vegemil Adult with the U.S. FDA
      • 03Expansion of pouch products production facility
      • 01Organized 350 Healthy Ladies
  • Expansion Period
      Expansion Period확장기


      While accelerating the research and development of soymilk products throughcontinued research activities and various products development, we also developed Greenbia to expand into the new patient food sector. Thus, we became a leading company in the enteral nutrition food industry as well as the soymilk industry.
      Through 5 years of animal studies, we developed optimal products that highlight nutrition and function, proving the quality of Dr. Chung’s Food productsto the world and gaining international recognition.

      1997 History

      • 03Released Vegemil Infant

      1996 History

      • 01Obtained Korea Invention Patent No. 093635 of Vegemil C

      1995 History

      • 05Released Vegemil Soy for Babies
      • 05Obtained U.S Invention Patent No. 5413803 of Vegemil C
      • 02Obtained Australian Invention Patent No. 654241 of Vegemil C

      1992 History

      • 08Released Spornix, a sports beverage

      1991 History

      • 01Released Greenbia, a special nutrition food for patients
  • Growth Period
      Growth Period성장기


      In 1984, with the completion of the state-of-the-art automated Cheongju factory, mass supply and production of high quality Vegemil became smoothly conducted, and with the establishment of the Central Research Institution in 1985, Dr. Chung’s Food became a global soymilk company with its own Research Institution

      1990 History

      • 12Completed expansion of SingalFactory No.1

      1989 History

      • 07Completed expansion of Cheongju Factory No.2

      1985 History

      • 04Completed the Central Research Institution
      • 03First export of Vegemil

      1984 History

      • 12Established the Hyechun Scholarship Committee
      • 07Completed the Cheongju factory
      • 03Awarded the Iron Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit (Tax Day)

      1991 History

      • 01환자식 특수영양식품 그린비아 발매
  • Beginning phase
      Beginning phase 태동기


      Dr. Chung worry for children who struggled from milk allergies and lactose intolerance has started with the sense of duty as a doctor.
      Founder and medical doctor Chai-Won Chung’s concern for children with lactose intolerance began in 1973as he startedworking as a pediatrician. The Vegemil was born through endless efforts and researches with the purpose of providing proper nutrients and cure to children who are suffering from lactose intolerance.

      1983 History

      • 10Awarded the presidential citation for food saving and eating habit

      1978 History

      • 12Expanded production facility
            (production capacity of 1 million productsper day)

      1973 History

      • 09Completion of the Singal Factory, established the mass production format
      • 09Awarded the gold prize by the Consumer Opinion Survey Association
      • 07Establishment of Dr. Chung’s Food Co., Ltd