Use soymilk grinded directly

Soy solution

We do not use soy protein isolate, we directly grind soybeans and make soymilk.

We do not use soy protein isolate, we make fresh soymilk in short period of time by directly grinding soybeans and produce Vegemil, it contains nutrients equally since we grind the soy beans as whole.

Lactose 0 g

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Vegemil contains a lactose about 0 g.

Sometimes, there are people who get uncomfortable or feel blotted and have diarrhea after drinking milk. We often overlook when these phenomenon occur, which is due to lactose digestion disorder common to many Asians.

For people who can't digest lactose, lactose digestion disorder occurs in the form of abdominal discomfort, fart, and diarrhea. It appears to many Asians, about 75% of Korean adults are suffering from lactose digestion disorder. Vegemil is a vegetable nutritional milk with soybean as its main ingredient and the content of lactose is 0g.

Vegemil’s pursuit of perfect nutrition

Researchers who study nutrition

Vegemil strives for perfect nutrition.

For soymilk with no additives, there is chance that it may be short on or lack partial nutritional ingredients of vitamins and minerals. In the case of minerals, especially soymilk have high iron content but calcium content is known to be lower than milk.

To supplement these kinds of nutritional disadvantages of soymilk, Dr. Chung's Food Co., Ltd. has been maintaining a manufacturing method unconditionally to strengthen nutritional ingredients of soymilk liquid for the past 37 years. We are determined to aid national health by supplying highly nutritional soymilk.

We only use carefully selected grains.

Selected soybeans

We only use raw materials that have been selected after thorough examination.

We carefully select and use safety guaranteed raw materials through a triple raw material management system.

It's not just a simple soybean juice.

Soybean contained in a glass

Vegemil is not just a simple soybean juice.

Vegemil is different than homemade soymilk or general soymilk that didn't strengthen its nutritional ingredients. Vegemil not only contains great ingredients of natural soymilk, but also added nutrients to meet Korean daily nutritional reference value. It's the soymilk designed scientifically and systematically to reach the customers with a healthy nutritional food that goes beyond the level of simple milk.

In other words, we made vitamins and minerals to meet the nutritional reference value, and by adding the soluble calcium, we supplemented calcium nutrition, essential for adults and children.

It is produced by cutting edge sterilization system.

State-of-the-art sterilization systems

Vegemil is produced in a sterilization system.

Some consumers are skeptical due to the long expiration date of Vegemil (about 4~6 months from the manufacturing date). However, for Vegemils distributed in room temperature, they are manufactured with a complete sterilization system that kills all the microorganisms, making the expiration period longer.

Unopened products can be stored at room temperature until the indicated expiration date; package products are produced by worldwide company, Tatra Pak's advanced process of high pressure short time sterilization system sextuple aseptic packaging system;bottles and pouch products areproduced by the latest sterilization system. Thus, consumers can enjoy nutrition of Vegemil with no worries.